Handpainted Solid Oak Door Finish Guide

Our handpainted doors are made of 100% solid oak, a predominant, regular material that merits unique medication. We are confident that our itemized finishing process will legitimately light up this timber’s regular wonderfulness.

Light handbrushing before painting emphasises the grain and makes a smooth, predictable finish. Next, the doors are sealed with a semi-wax preparation to anticipate raising of the grain. At last, two differentiate top covers of Farrow and Ball paint are connected by hand (in the colour of the customer’s picking). More than enough time is managed for drying between covers. The procedure is cautious and long yet precious, making a smooth, magnetic finish of unparalleled quality.

Large portions of our competitors favour machined or splash painted doors. A key profit of our handpainted reach is the surety of a novel finish: guaranteeing that every door is as one of a kind as the timber itself, highlighting the singular grain design with sensitive brush-strokes. Besides, the consideration and tender loving care we strive for is just conceivable because of the way of the handpainting process, in which every door is treated independently.

We additionally favour the most elevated quality items to match the common honesty of the solid oak. Our Farrow and Ball paints are regular and water-based instead of acrylic, and, after watchful testing, we picked our specific first stage for its extraordinary capability to counteract the grain from climbing. For maintenance, we supply a 750ml pot of paint with each order.

We endeavour to highlight the nature of the wood and the singular grain design. Thusly, the painted finish is not a solid piece of shade yet a colourful sheen which permits the character of the timber to gleam through. The effect is both magnetic and remarkable. Why not see for yourself? Click here for an example

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