How to Build Kitchen Cabinet Doors Out of Oak Plywood

The texture in the grain of oak plywood settles on it a great decision for cabinet doors because it ingests stain, making a magnetic finish. Overlay doors are a great decision for building with plywood because they don’t require the work included in making raised panel or Shaker panel raise cabinet doors out of oak plywood, begin by nearly reviewing the state of the plywood. Unused sheets (48 by 96 inches) of 3/4-inch plywood twist; pick the flattest sheets for your task.

  1. Measure the width and tallness of the cabinet door openings on both the divider and base cabinets. Add 1 inch to every measurement to consider overlay doors (they "lay over" the opening).
  2. Add the width measurements to verify the amount of pieces required for a specific tallness. Cutting the tallness measurements makes a "piece" measuring the stature of the door by the width of the sheet of plywood. Case in point, for three doors 26 inches tall by 15 inches wide, you will require one square of plywood 26 inches tall and 48 inches wide.
  3. Figure out the amount of sheets (48 by 96 inches) of plywood you require by partitioning 96 (length of a sheet of plywood) by the stature of every square for instance, three 30-inch-high pieces equivalents 90 inches). Use the squares sagaciously. Case in point, two 14-vast doors curtail from a 30-inch square leave 20 inches of unused plywood. Use the 20 inches you have left for a door with a shorter stature.
  4. Set the wall of the table saw on the tallest tallness measurement for the doors. Cut the tallest obstructs first and work your route down to the most brief. Cut the widths of the doors in the same way as the pieces (largest to narrowest). Differentiate and stack the doors by their planned cabinets.
  5. Cut strips of veneer edge band 2 inches more drawn out than the tallness of the doors with an utility knife. Hold the edge band against the edge of the door with the intention that it covers the whole edge. Heat the band with an iron to initiate the glue on the over of the band. Push the cement into the plywood by rubbing it with a square of wood. Rehash this on all the vertical edges of the doors.
  6. Fold the finishes of the edge band over the corners of the doors to sever them even with the tops and bottoms of the doors. Sand the long edges and the closures of the edge band tenderly with a sanding piece and 120-gravel sandpaper. Rehash this process for the width edges of the doors.
  7. Install overlay hinges on the doors as per the maker’s instructions.

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