How to Change Cabinet Doors From Metal to Wood

Numerous older kitchens have cabinets with metal doors. This style dropped out of support with generally decorators and homeowners, on the other hand. Restricted to spruce up the look of an old kitchen with metal cabinet doors is to remove the existing doors and replace them with wooden doors. With the right tools and approach, you can do this occupation in a generally brief time of time.

  1. Measure the existing doors so you can buy replacements of the same measure.
  2. Slacken and remove the screws attaching the metal doors to the hinges of the cabinet. Take the metal doors off the cabinets.
  3. Hold the wooden doors against the hinges. Place a level on the external vertical edge of the door to guarantee its plumb. Mark the area of the hinge holes onto the door with a pencil.
  4. Drill shallow holes in the posteriors of the wooden doors with a 1/8-inch drill.
  5. Place the doors on the hinges, coating up the holes in the doors with the hinge holes. Embed fastens the holes and tighten the tightens to hold the doors place.

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