How to Replace Broken Windows in Wood Doors

A softened window up an outside door is unsightly, as well as compromises the security of your home. Replacing a window in a wooden door might be accomplished in several hours using normal tools.

  1. Remove wooden strips encompassing the broken pane by delicately meddlesome them from the door with a putty knife. Be mindful so as to not break the wooden strips. In principle, the long strips are of identical length, as are the short strips. To be on the safe side, be that as it may, check the strips to guarantee they are replaced decisively.
  2. Remove broken glass. Place a modest bit of glass in an envelope to take to the glass cutter, guaranteeing that the replacement glass will be the same thickness as the first ever pane. Measure the frame and record extents. With composed sizes and a specimen of the softened glass up hand, buy the replacement glass.
  3. The multipurpose putty knife is used to remove wooden strips, clean the frame, and apply putty. Thoroughly clean the frame of the window by uprooting old brads with forceps and scraping the frame with a putty knife, evacuating any flotsam and jetsam or old window caulking.
  4. Apply a slim layer (1/8 inch) of putty to the window frame to give a cushion for the replacement pane and hold it in place while you replace the wooden strips.
  5. Replace the wooden strips, one at once. Tack the strips in place, using replacement brads and a tack mallet.

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